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Right to Buy Non Traditional House

If you own or wish to buy a Right to Buy property it is essential to have a structural survey carried out by our expert Independent Building Surveyors on a non traditionally constructed dwelling.  A survey will not only save you time but money too as our comprehensive surveys will help you fully understand the property and any property issues.  A survey will enable you to make ...
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Our non traditional building surveys will save you money

Thermal Efficiency

A non traditional property may be cold in the winter months and hot in the summer months making these types of houses not ideal to heat or keep cool.  Thermal efficiency as fuel prices increase is more and more important and finding ways to ensure your property is thermally efficient will make a significant difference to your fuel bills and make the property more attractive whe...
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Need to make a quick property decision?

Make an informed decision with a building survey - A free phone call to our non traditional property Surveyors today on 0800 298 5424 will provide a quick response to your property query.  If  you are deciding whether to buy a non traditionally constructed house then no doubt you will have many questions that will need answering quickly. Our Surveyors have many years of experi...
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